Are you also finding it complicated to get your router IP address to assess your router setup page and make configuration changes? Then you don’t have to search anymore. In this article, we will talk about how you can know your default IP address and we will also tell you what steps you should follow to find it on your device. Along with this, you will also get the list of the most common IP addresses to log in to your router panel.

Router got its name router because it performs the function of routing IP packets across the network. Router plays an integral role in connecting different links and examining IP packet headers and looks over the destination address consulting the routing table of the unknown network. The router sends and examines each IP packet individually which is known as packet switching. 

Routing tables can be static as well as configured or dynamic. Dynamic routers automatically update the routing table based on the activity of the network and exchange information with other devices via routing protocols.

Many routers are capable of performing network address translation ( NAT ) which helps to preserve globally valid IP addresses and improve network security.


We find in most homes and small buildings using single routers and server devices connected to various other devices and send the traffic to that particular IP address by default. 

In the settings option you will see that written as “default gateway” in the case of Windows devices and Mac iPhone and iPad simply” router”. And on other devices, you will see a gateway or something similar. 

An IP address is deemed important because this is what you need to type into your browser to discover your router web-based setup page where you can easily configure the settings to help you. We have listed the notches you need to follow in various devices to get your router IP address.

Router IP address in windows 

If you are a Windows user then it is a very simple and a few minutes task for you you just need to follow these below-listed steps. 

  1. Firstly, right-click on the Window Icon in the present bottom left area of your screen and select “command prompt”.
  2. Now type the command ‘config and hit enter. 
  3. Search for the default gateway option and you will find some numerical characters that are only your IP address. 

Router IP address in MAC 

It is a bit complex task to find a router IP address in Mac OS as compared to Windows but it was not that complicated to follow The below steps on Mac OS. 

  1. Click the Apple at the top left of the screen and choose the option system preferences.
  2. Click on the network.
  3. Now click on the left side of the window and choose your network and click advanced at the bottom right of the window. 
  4. You will see your IP address in front of a strip there. 

Router IP address in Android

In the case of Android, you can use the third-party app to find your default router IP address; however, If you are using a higher version of Android such as 7.0 or up, you can get it directly from your device. 

  1. Go to the setting area and search for the wireless and networks and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Now tap on the configure button. 
  3. You will find it written next to the IP address label.

Router IP address in IOS

You need to pursue the following steps in the case of iOS. 

  1. Go to the setting and Wi-Fi
  2. The network that you are currently connected with
  3.  Now hit the static tab. 
  4. You can discover your router’s IP address there.

Router IP address on Linux 

To find the IP address on Linux commemorate these steps

  1. Go to the application system tool terminal.
  2. Once the terminal window opens up type ‘ipconfig’. 
  3. You will be able to find your router IP address next to the default gateway address from the results.

Another way of finding the router IP address

  1. Each brand of router has its default login router IP address which you will see marked at the bottom of your router if not labelled there you can find it from the manual provided to you at the time of possession.
  2. If your service provider provides you with the router he will automatically tell you about the IP address and all the login credentials to access the internet through it.

Default IP address for common router brand

To make your task straightforward we have listed the default IP address of some common and famous brands so have a look and find the brand you are using.

Brand IP address


We hope you have coped through adequate information in this article. We have talked about the ways by which you can discover the router IP address on different devices and got the default list of some prominent brands. We hope after reading this article you will be prepared to find your router IP address. 

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