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If you are a router user and want to make some configuration changes through your router setup page you need to have your router’s IP address full stop however you would not be able to do so without remembering the IP address but you don’t have to worry if you are reading this article because we have compiled all the steps you need to follow based on the devices you are using so keep reading the article because you are going to know about some extra things also related to a router IP address.

What is an IP address? 

Before starting, let’s know a bit about IP addresses. Which is also known by the name internet protocol it is a unique number that helps to identify the device connected to the network it can be public or private as well when we talk about the private or internal IP address it is the address assigned to your computer from the side of the router so let’s understand these both in short. 

Public IP Addresses 

This address is assigned by your internet service provider (ISP) to your modem connection and if you change your internet provider your IP address will get changed. 

Private IP Address

This IP address is provided by your router which is used by the router for interacting with the devices. It is considered a bit more complicated than a public IP address. 

Steps to Find Router IP Address on Different Devices 

You can find an IP address successfully irrespective of the device you are using. An IP address is an essential thing to change configuration settings so let’s know about the steps you need to follow for finding your router IP address on various devices.

Window 10 

Step 1 first you need to enter “cmd” into the search field and click on the top results shown to access the command prompt. 

Step 2 – Now do a right-click on the start button and select the Windows PowerShell which is listed on the power user menu. 

Step 3 – Now type ‘ipconfig/all ‘ to the command which promptly opens to bring that window having information of your network connection and by this, you will get to see your IP address of whichever router you are connected to at that particular time. Now you can access your router login page. 


In the case of macOS, it is quite simple to know the IP address let’s see how

Step 1 – open system preferences from the dock. 

Step 2- you will find a globe-shaped network icon. 

Step 3 – to the next window which opens you will see a connected status from there you can see your IP address.

Step 4 – Now click on the Advanced button to open the tab having the option TCP/IP, from which you will get to know information related to your router. 

You could also be apt to find the options related to your router settings. This is an ideal option if you want to make certain changes like improving your password, checking all connected devices and other important maintenance tasks. 


Step 1 – you can assess your admin panel by entering the command into your browser address bar if you are using Linksys router and if you are using a smart router then enter my router. local in that case. 

Step 2 – Now type admin in the area given to type your username and password if you have not yet changed to your default username and password. 

Step 3 – not changing your router’s password set by default means you are making yourself susceptible to anyone accessing your admin page. 

Step 4- If you are using a new Linksys router you may also know about its Linksys app which is used to oversee all the setups and that can also provide you with all the important information related to your Linksys router. 

D- link 

Step 1 – to log in to your D-Link Router you have to use the Dlink router. local or in case if it does not work for you try to use

Step 2- since the D Link router or not password protected if you have not yet changed the default password you can leave the password space blank by just entering admin as your default username. 

Step 3 – D-Link Router company provides you with various apps like D Link Wi-Fi app that makes it easier for you to get all the information related to your login setting and about your connection. 


Step 1– To do signing you can use which is the default TP-link address.

Step 2 – After this type of admin in the area of username and password that you can use if you have not done any changes related to your password or username. This will help you to view all the basic options related to your connection.

Step 3 – you can also use the TP-link tether app. It can prove a simple way of accessing your router info like your IP address and other information related to your Internet connection


Step 1 in the case of the Netgear router you can find your login details at the bottom of the device and if you are unable to find them  navigate the login screen using

Step 2 default username and password are almost the same in the case of every router because the brand does not want to trouble by setting some complicated password so type admin in the space given to enter your username and ‘password’ in the password area.

Step 3 Netgear router can also be maintained using the nighthawk app. You can go directly to it and open the Wi-Fi setting to see your connection info. 


Step 1 – you will find nearly all Asus routers use as a login way to access the admin panel through the browser. But I see your router is new you can be asked to enter

To the local setup page. 

Step 2- the username and password will remain the same by default and we also recommend you to change it as soon as possible to give no chance for Susceptibility. 

Step 3 – rather you can also use the Asus router app for accessing and managing setup settings, security and more. 


We hope after reading this article you will be able to get access to your router IP address irrespective of the device you have been using if you have any doubt remaining and if you feel any difficulty you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. 

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