Change WIFI Password

If you are glancing at the way by which you can change your Wi-Fi password then my friends you are at the right place in this article. We will help you know how you can change your Wi-Fi password easily by just following up on a few simple steps so keep reading the article. 

Wi-Fi network allows you to connect your device to the internet without using any bulky Ethernet cables. If you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi password, this can allow the attackers to discover the password, and any stranger can log into the network that can reduce your internet speed. 

To prevent this it is endorsed to change your Wi-Fi default password. You can do this by following a few steps once you log in to the configuration page of your router. 

How to change WIFI Password?

If you are wondering how to change the Wi-Fi password we have encompassed the steps which you have to follow for this and anyone who is following the right steps can change the password. 

you can change the Wi-Fi password through D Link, TP-link, and NetGear for this you need the credential IP address of the router. 

1. Open Configuration Page of Your Router

You would be able to open the configuration page with the help of a web browser that is connected to your network now press and hold the reset button for a couple of seconds to reset to the factory default settings this will help you to get the default router address that you can enter into your browser address bar.

2. Enter Username and Password

Every router you purchase will require a username and password to access it, mainly the default password and username of the router is set as admin and admin but it varies sometimes so you can check online to get the precise information about your router.

3. Open the Wireless Settings

Once you are logged in you need to find the wireless section of the configuration page. The name can vary from brand to brand but mostly, you will see a wireless tab.

4. Change WIFI Password

Now you will see a box. You have to enter your new password into this box. It can also ask you to write it for confirmation. 

A strong password is usually 8 characters long and doesn’t forget to use special characters which makes the attacker unable to guess the security password along with several numerical numbers. These will help to make a strong password so that nobody could get it easily. 

5. Set Security Type

There are three types of wireless encryption these are WEP, WPA and WPA2. If you want a more secure network you can use WPA2. You can select one of them except WEP because it is easy to break it. 

6. Save Your Settings

After updating all the necessary information click on the apply button by doing this your router will process the updated modifications now you can connect to the wireless network using this new password.

Frequently  asked questions 

Here we have listed a few currently asked questions to help you If there is any doubt persisting in your mind go through them hopefully you will get your answer.

Q Can I change the wifi password using mobile? 

Yes, you can change your Wi-Fi password using any device having a web browser. You just have to access the router setup page and helm through SSID settings to change the Wi-Fi password, security, and its name. 

Q after I changed wifi password my wifi got disconnected 

Once you set up the new password your old password will no longer work because you have to connect to the Wi-Fi again using the updated password.

Q. Is it necessary to change the wiFi password for both networks? 

Yes if your router supports both 2.4 G/5G networks you have to change the Wi-Fi password of both of them manually. 


In this article, we have tried to sum up all the information from all the quotations available to help you change your Wi-Fi password. We hope that you like this article and after reading this article you will be able to successfully change the Wi-Fi password of your network. 

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