Are you also distressed about changing Wi-fi names ? or thinking whether it is important to change your default Wi-Fi name? then this article is going to clear and sort out your concern. In this article, we will let you know about everything related to changing the Wi-Fi name through step by step procedure which is of keen importance to secure your device. 

Things to Remember While Changing Wi-Fi Name 

Before moving further let’s learn about the basic things a Wi-Fi name should possess because many people believe that a Wi-Fi name is not that important as a Wi-Fi password. It’s true but partially true because if your Wi-Fi name is easily identifiable that can lead to easily executed targeted attacks so don’t make it easy to know your Wi-Fi network by choosing the name which has personal information about you.

Don’t try to use the same name for multiple platforms some people have this habit of setting the same name and password for their owned devices to make it easy to remember but you should not do like this because this makes it difficult for the user to know exactly which network they are connecting to. The same name for multiple networks makes it difficult to differentiate them from one another; this can create the problem of overutilization and underutilization of the network. 

What is SSID? 

It stands for service set identifier and is considered the primary name of your Wi-Fi network. When you switch on your Wi-Fi you see a list of networks having different names having numbers and symbols also, then after identifying the network to which you want to connect you click on it. 

Need to Change the Wi-Fi Name? 

There can be several reasons to change your router’s SSID. Some of them we have listed for you below. Have a look. 

For Increasing Network Security 

Decreases the chance of getting leaked from hacker attack because this assures you are not using the generic default SSID of the router and carefully managing your router. To make it more secure change the encrypted broadcasting signal to AES and WPA2 and turn off the WPS and UPnP feature. You can also choose to disable your SSID broadcasting.

To have a personalized homes network

The unique name of the Wi-Fi network helps to differentiate you from the rest available networks. It helps the user in your area to identify you easily without informing everyone individually about the name of your network. 

Avoiding confusion 

What if someone has the same name of Wi-Fi as you have and you are unable to change it?  it will lead to a very problematic situation that’s why you are provided with the facility of changing the Wi-Fi name if this situation occurs.

How to change Wi-Fi Name?

To change the Wi-Fi name you need to follow these brief steps which are very basic irrespective of the router and we had tried to keep them simple so that you do not feel any technicality in them so keep reading. 

  1. You need to first open your browser and enter your IP address which is a 1 to 10 digit number. 
  2. Now enter the username and password on the login page if you have not changed it yet use your default router password to get access to your admin panel
  3. Go to the setting and click on the option named wireless setting.
  4. You will find the SSID name there now you can change this as per your preference. 
  5. Once the name gets changed, save it.



We have assembled some frequently asked questions so that if any doubt remains in your mind about changing the Wi-Fi name and some other related to this we can solve it. 

Q. Wi-Fi name can be changed from iPhone or Android?

A. Yes, you can change it through your iPhone or mobile also just by going to the admin panel through IP address and changing name as per your need. 

Q. How can I change my Wi-Fi Name?

A. In a few simple steps, you can change the Wi-fi name firstly assess your router admin panel through the IP address which is usually found on the sticker stick to the bottom of the router, now go to the wireless settings and change the name according to your preference. 

Q. Is it easy to change a Wi-Fi Password

A. Yes, it is very easy to change it. Anyone can do this. Most modern routers provide simple mobile applications for users to change passwords. You can use these applications also. 

Q. Will, it is possible to change the Wi-Fi Name without accessing the admin panel?

A. The answer is no if you are unable to get access to your router admin panel then you will not be able to make any changes.

Q. Is it necessary to change the Wi-Fi Name?

A. It is not necessary to change it randomly but if you have purchased a new Router and have not changed the default name of the password in this case you can change or if the current password is incompatible you can change it. 

Q. How can I change the Wi-Fi Name and password both

A. The process is the same for both you have to first enter your username and password for making log in to your router admin panel now look for the security setting there you will find the option to change the current name and the password.


We hope after reading this article you will be able to change your Wi-Fi name without any trouble and if you find any trouble you can let us know in the comments section. 

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