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If you are anxious about someone using your Wi-Fi without asking or getting permission. And if you want them to not share your connection then this article is going to be very helpful for you because in this article we will tell you about how you can prohibit someone from using your connection. 

The Rationale Why You Should Block Unrecognized Wi-Fi user’s?

We recommend you always assure that only recognized devices must have connected to your Wi-Fi network because an unrecognized device can also be a hacker who can access your files and other documents. 

Besides this, there can be several reasons like if someone is using your Wi-Fi network they can wash out your data if you don’t have an unlimited amount of data packages and as a result, you have to pay for data out of your pocket.

Secondly, if several unrecognized devices are connected they can slow down the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

How to block Wi-Fi users? 

Here we have logged some trusted ways which help you to restrict or block Wi-Fi users on your Wi-Fi network without even changing your Wi-Fi password so let’s begin. 

Direct Blacklist

Some brands of routers provide this facility to their users. You can easily disable or block Wi-Fi users by just clicking on the blacklist button. It is considered more effective than Mac filtering because it can be modified. You will find an option named ‘device management there you will see an option related to blocking The Other connected devices.

Using Various Mobile Applications

You can also use a third-party network that can prove a simple and effective way of Disabling unknown devices. You can install them and use them directly for example FING and wireless networks are available both for IOS and Android devices.

This app can help you find out the Mac address of the device connected to the wireless network and provide various control options for you like blocking unrecognized devices even before they join your Wi-Fi network.

They also send you a notification if someone tries to connect and also secure your device by sending security emails.

Wireless MAC Address Filtering

Mac stands for media access control and it identifies the device connected to the network MAC number as a Unique Identification number. No two devices can have the same Mac number; you can instruct your router by allowing access to the specific devices on your network. 

To make this happen you need to first access the point control panel and under the given wireless Section see for the Mac filtering option and set it to enable. Now add the devices to your MAC address list to whoever you want to deny access.

Best Software to Block Wi-Fi Users

There are many ways you can use to secure your Wi-Fi but a hacker can still find a way to get connected without your knowledge so we have compiled a list of the best software that can be used to monitor the Wi-Fi connection and block illegal Wi-Fi users so keep reading the article.


It is considered as an affordable and simplest tool that can help you to Limit which program can connect to your Wi-Fi Internet.

 It facilitates you to choose from the sites, software which can assess your Wi-Fi it also allows you to block the content which is inappropriate and fatal.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner can perform an enormous task for you which includes scanning your connected devices and setting the address range for the connections which have to be scanned to view the active connections so that you can remove all the unwanted devices from your connection. 

Who is on My Wi-Fi

This tool also helps and guarantees to detect and remove devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi. It facilitates you to configure the scanning interval time according to your preference if you want upgraded and advanced features. The software only costs $ 9.95 a month which is a good value for money.

Network Scanner

It is also a very excellent tool to revoke and recognize Access to your Wi-Fi connection this tool helps to scan your network adaptor with just a simple click onto the main window this tool has an interesting feature of ticking the known devices and rest get block from the Wi-Fi network it can also run in the background and has a scanning time interval from 0 to 60 minutes.

Who Steals my Wi-Fi

By using this tool you will be able to easily block unscrupulous people who try to steal your Wi-Fi connection. This also helps to see all the connected networks so that you can recognize whether it is a tablet, laptop or tv because sometimes even tv uses Wi-Fi and you may not necessarily know it.

Wi-Fi Blocker

This is a very simple application no prior experience is required to use it this applications help you to block and pause network access for certain devices you can individually select the device you want to remind connect and if you are A parent t this is very useful for you because this is having a feature to adjust the online time so you can control your children’s online time.

FING Network Tools

It helps you to find the condition of your network security and if there are any chances of hacking it notifies you. This provides you with interesting features which are completely free to use as scanning for the connected devices which uses only proprietary Technology from the router brand. It also helps you to determine the correct internet speed, detect intruders and scan the ping of devices. FING ensures that you are getting the speed for which you had paid. 


Blocking Wi-Fi users is not that complicated task as it sounds like it is a very straightforward process and we hope after reading this article you will be able to block the unrecognized network which is connected to your Wi-Fi and if you are still facing the problem you are free to contact us.

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